Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
I connected with Chris when I discovered that I had multiple indoor air quality issues in my house. Chris is extremely knowledgeable, in addition to possessing incredible customer service and empathy. I was struggling with the reality that my home was making me sick, and Chris was the calm and steady voice I needed to confidently move forward with reclaiming my living space.

Jon Ignatowski

Chris was awesome! We rent an apartment and mentioned to our landlord that there was black mold in our apartment. Our landlord "fixed" the issue by putting Sheetrock mud over the black mold. When we questioned it, he told us that is a reasonable way to fix black mold. So, a friend referred me to Chris. He literally responded to me within the hour. He not only told us that covering the way he did was not a proper way to deal with it, he told us the legality in VT that landlords aren't made to fix these type of issues, gave me contact information that I could reach out to, and told me the evaluation price. He could've just said pay me money and be done with it. But he understood us and gave us other sources we should try first as the evaluation piece is expensive alone. If this was my home and I could fix it, I'd hire him in a heart beat. Chris, thank you so much for going above and beyond for my family and I today.

Amber Lemieux

Chris was knowledgeable and informative. There was absolutely no high pressured sales pitches, just plain recommendations of how to improve the air quality in our home. We were pleasantly pleased with his service.

Don Beisiegel

Chris has been our hygienist on several projects ..Always very knowledgeable and flexible with arranging scheduling for site visits..


Chris is very knowledgeable. I needed a test done for asbestos. It was down quickly and turn around was fast. He answered all my questions.

Kristin Smith

I was in the last stage of selling my house and I needed someone to assess and treat a small mold and asbestos problem. Chris worked hard and fast with me, setting me up with a specialist to remediate and then he did a follow-up inspection. In the end, he completed a report that I used to reassure the home buyers that the problems had been corrected.
He's a very good professional and I would recommend him.

Rosie Boucher

Chris has been excellent to work with. Very detailed on time extremely knowledgeable about indoor air quality we love working with ECA. We have used them on multiple projects always satisfied.

Wesley Carpenter

We had a great experience working with Chris from ECA. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Chris helped us every step of the way. We highly recommend ECA .

Michael Staunton

We had Chris evaluate a home we were planning to buy. He was very thorough, catching things that our general inspector had missed. He not only found the mold, he even pointed out mushrooms that indicated wood rot that was causing structural problems. Chris saved us from moving into a nightmare house.

Jordan LaPointe

We are very grateful that we were referred to Chris and the rest of the team he works with. Our project was completed timely, which was important as it was part of a real estate contract. We also felt very confident in Chris s knowledge and approach. The proposal was much more comprehensive and more cost effective than others we received.

Gail R. Morrisville, VT