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Asbestos Inspections, Lab Analysis, Project Monitoring, Third Party Clearances

If you don't know what materials were used in the construction of your home or office, it's important to have the property tested before starting demolition or remodeling work. Environmental Compliance Associates, LLC offers asbestos testing services in the Morrisville and Montpelier, Vermont and the state of Vermont area.

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring fibrous mineral that was widely used in manufacturing. It is a known human carcinogen, responsible for diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Asbestos reached its highest levels of production after World War II, in just about any application requiring high tensile strength, heat/fire protection, and chemical resistance. Because of its wide use, it is still found in a large number of the nation's schools, public buildings, and residential homes. Certain applications (surfacing and thermal system insulation) were banned. However, asbestos has not been banned in all applications and although less common today, can still be used in building materials. Therefore, because not all asbestos could be banned, the EPA requires that prior to any demolition or renovation of schools, public, and commercial properties, all building materials that will be disturbed must be tested for asbestos first. The state of Vermont also requires this of residential properties.

Often times, people are unaware of these regulations and may be exposed to asbestos without even knowing it. Let us help you to ensure compliance with the various regulations set by state and federal regulatory agencies to protect public and employee health. ECA staffs Vermont and EPA-accredited Asbestos Inspectors, Project Monitors, and experienced asbestos laboratory analysts.

Third-party visual inspections and air clearances are required by permitted jobs through the Vermont Department of Health, and through the EPA at times, to ensure that asbestos removal activities have been performed adequately and the area is safe to reoccupy. ECA offers post-abatement asbestos air clearances throughout the state of Vermont. We have degreed and licensed Phase Contrast Microscopists on staff to provide PCM air clearances on site, saving the customer and the contractor time and money. Let us help you with your asbestos project!

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We follow EPA regulations and requirements

The Environmental Protection Agency requires that any schools, commercial or public properties need to be tested for asbestos before renovations begin.

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