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Find Out If Your Property Has Lead Paint

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If you're worried about the type of paint that was used inside your building, contact Environmental Compliance Associates, LLC. We offer lead paint testing services in the Morrisville and Montpelier, VT and the state of Vermont area so you know your home or office is safe.

Lead has recently become a national health crisis once again since Flint, Michigan put it back at the fore in media headlines. Lead has a long history of toxicity to humans. Throughout the 20th century, it was widely used in paint, gasoline, and water lines. Lead is a very serious toxin that can result in permanent neurological damage, especially to children. Lead exposure from lead-based paint, through lead dust on friction surfaces (windows and doors), deteriorated paint inside or outside the home, and renovation activities are the primary causes of lead poisoning today. To help combat this, the Environmental Protection Agency and The State of Vermont have regulations in place to protect public health.

Environmental Compliance Associates, LLC has EPA-accredited and Vermont-Licensed Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors to help you comply with lead regulations and to recognize possible lead hazards. ECA also conducts Inspections to help landlords comply with the Vermont Department of Health's Essential Maintenance Practices requirements of the Vermont Lead Law. Landlords renting units that are 1-bedroom or more, in properties built before 1978 are required to file compliance statements annually or when the unit changes tenants (whichever is first) for each of their units. Let us help you comply with the Vermont Department of Health's EMP regulation.

Contact Environmental Compliance Associates today to schedule lead inspections in the Morrisville, Montpelier, and the state of Vermont area.

We'll help you meet EPA requirements

We help landlords and property owners comply with the Vermont Department of Health's Essential Maintenance Practices requirements of the Vermont Lead Law with lead paint testing services. Lead poisoning can come from:

  • Lead-based paint
  • Lead dust on friction surfaces, such as windows and doors
  • Deteriorated paint inside or outside your home
  • Renovation activities

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